Reaching For Optimal Performance?


Despite the fact that the spine is the scaffolding around which our horses function, the maintenance and restoration of spinal health is often overlooked. It is often the last ‘port of call’ when investigating a performance or pain related problem can be forgotten in the maintenance of health.




The following are some of the signs which may alert you to spinal pain/poor function:-

• Discomfort when saddling/oversensitive back
• Discomfort when riding
• Reluctance/refusal to jump
• Resistance in lateral work/collection/engagement
• Difficulty in poll flexion
• Difficulty in lateral flexion of the neck and back
• Muscle atrophy
• Decreased performance
• Change in behaviour
• Poor co-ordination of gait
• Decreased front/rear stride

The above signs could be mistaken for unwilling temperament, ineffective training, poor riding or a lack of ability. When dealing with a ‘problem horse’, one who has had a change in temperament or there is something wrong that you ‘can’t put your finger on’ you should consider investigating their back.


Chiropractic is also important as part of your horses’ routine care – the spine houses the nerves which regulate every bodily function, it should not be overlooked.